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Beauty : What's the Secret?

My love for beauty starts from the day of my birth. I have always had a fascination of the elements it takes for proper care taking. As a woman, we go through so many transitions with the body, mind and spirit that it is almost impossible not to need some reinforcements. I want to make clear that there are more forms to beauty than just what appears to the eye. Most people understand beauty to be determined by judgement of others or even just tangible items such as clothing, shoes, purses, etc that add to the overall outward appearance.

Beauty starts within the body. It is the careful movement of how we treat ourselves. If we think of caring for our Beauty in the way that we would grow a plant, it embodies the same focus. A plant needs sun, water and air to survive. The body of a human being needs all of the same things. We have to be careful of how much water is needed to grow the plant, the exposure the sunlight and the air that we need. The air that the plant needs is similar to the environment that human beings engage in. If you live or travel to an area that is open and free, it allows you to feel less stress. This has to do with the mind. If the mind is freed of such closure, it can operate at a healthy speed.

So, now that we understand that our Beauty is made up of various components, then we understand why our Beauty is affected by those things. The body needs fresh air, water and air. What also helps the body is what we choose to use on it. I support the idea of using natural elements to support the longevity of our bodies. Just like the food that we intake, the products that we use also affect how rapidly we age. Being aware of the natural stress relievers such as Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, helps to understand our state of living.

I use all of these natural elements in the products that I produce. The only product that is partially natural are our scents. The other products that we sell for skin and beauty are all natural in use of essential oils, coconut oil, Shea butter, etc. I love the use of nature in being able to care for my body and the bodies of my clients. I am not saying that only natural products should be used but I am saying to think about why it is a better option. Here, at LavenderSpells, we create a product that is made in vision of helping our investors in the brand to take care of their natural beauty.

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