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It's Just Those Rainy Days

It's a rainy day here in California and all I could think of is how to keep myself in touch with my audience. We currently have a Hurricane watch for our area, and I began to think of what keeps me motivated and influenced. Is it a beautiful painting, sharing lunch with a good friend, a sporadic shopping spree to influence by artistic eye, creating a new product or just having a great conversation with a loved one. It's not often that our days seem slow or even that we think of how to make our days more meaningful. The media seems to be the same thing each and every day. The news can alter our day in one second and yet we still continue to keep our attention on what is given to us as far as current events. When was the last time that you checked out and checked in with your inner self?

Checking in can sometimes be the last thing on our list. Especially when we have reports to submit, contract deadlines to meet and households to keep afloat. The question is how to do stay afloat in the midst of everyday responsibilities. Is your current life serving you or is it just keeping you occupied? Is the glass half full or half empty? Many of us are just living in what we are expected to do. Going against the grain doesn't seem to be an option. We all want to be a successor and we all want to be influences amongst our groups. The truth is that we don't always wear that hat confidently. My latest activity has been journaling each day to check in with my feelings and my current status in life. Life has been a blessing for me but there is still work to do. Journaling has helped me to identify me in the words that come instantly to mind. I feel my emotions and put them down on paper to evaluate what steps need to be made.

Lately, I have been missing that sense of community. A lot has changed in my circle and that innocent laughter amongst a familiar group is the medicine that I'm missing. So, my challenge for myself is to be more open and more optimistic in each gathering or setting so that community is formed gracefully around me. If you're also missing this as well; feel free to share! Love you and see you on the next post!

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