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Creating in a Growth Space

It has been a while since I last put my feelings down on paper. This woman above is not the same woman I am today. She has lived, she has changed jobs, relationships and life paths. She has lost herself and is now gaining herself back. She has blossomed in the last two years to reach a point of accepting the now. Sometimes we don't want to accept the person we see in the mirror but the now is all we have. Stop living for tomorrow when you are living in the present. Life can change but your desires become the very thing that keep you afloat.

A lot of what once served me has changed in many ways. I used to live in the idea that life is measured by your accomplishments or the things you own. It was my desire to be seen as successful based on my status. Now, after loss and the regaining of my perspective; I see that the key to life is measured by the love that surrounds you. It is also well kept by the peace that is displayed in your heart for yourself and for others. Through the pandemic, many of us had to gain a new perspective on life. The perspective that life is given to you day by day and minute by minute. The true joy of it comes from the choices we make that align with who we are in the current moment. We are measured by our day.

With the above being said; take the time to make each day worth living. Spend the moments with those who matter. Call the people who matter and don't forget to do the things that come to your mind. The moment is to be seized and not to be forgotten. Hold yourself accountable for your own happiness. It will all be worth in the end. Love the days that you are given.

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