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Wheel of Fortune

Everyday, I set aside time to take a peak at my energy. Today, I went through a couple of my Libra readings. I am a woman of GOD but I do explore spirituality on all levels. My readings continued to mention a word that I have been reflecting a lot on lately which is Authenticity. A couple of days ago,I was in this funk about where I needed to be in my life and how I needed to be in a relationship in order to function. I am someone who practices the I-10 by 10 approach. What this means is living life on a schedule. Though I like to keep things orderly, I had to evaluate the way in which I was actually LIVING.

To live is the ability to be free in your existence so that others can be able to see your true nature of goodness. This is not saying that you are living for the approval of others but that you are living Authentically. I have cared too much of what other people's opinions were of me. I have felt that I have even subjected my entire life to having the approval that I may never get from anyone outside of myself. This is not living.

The real joy in life is when the thought of actually living becomes a action, a dream, a destination, an experience, etc. This is the conclusion to making those steps toward authenticity. The advice that was given in my reading is to allow things to happen moment to moment and live in freedom of your choices. This means that fear is no longer an option. When you operate without the views of others, it means to be FEARLESS. I also asked myself this week if bullying still exist in adulthood. I believe it does. How this exist is by the harsh influences of social media and the strained ability to maintain a life outside what you see. Also, in adulthood, there are cliques, crews and networks which appear to be invite only. What this means to me is that you must become your own invite. Be the light that others want to follow. With me, there is no need to create barriers of upward rise.

Since, tonight sets the new FULL MOON IS PISCES, I am inviting positive miracles. It is the energy of intuition, exploring passions, psychic abilities and clairvoyance. I am going to put out into the universe that it clears space for me to be singing a new lease to a new place of living. This is my only request. I have been living in my life so everything that I see in my spirit shall happen. The Universe has been providing small windows of opportunity and I only welcome unexpected surprises. I take this time to tap into my ability to pull in the sensual, sexy and luxurious wants for my LIBRA self.

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