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The Truth in her Lies

Hey Guys and Girls!

Can you spot the truth in her lies?

The truth in her lies are the smiles that we give, the conversation your receive and the constant effort that a woman gives out to the world everyday. I'm also speaking to the guys as well. It's the handshakes with your boys, it's the shots you throw back after work and the suit and tie that matches that perfect job. The question is what lies beneath.

Let me use myself as an example. It's not always easy to put yourself out there like that but how is else someone able to relate to not having it all put together without examples, Right? Now, I'm 29 years old and doing the best I can with what I have. Just a week ago, my title was Project Manager. That is a distinction of social class based on my title. Does my title mean I'm not struggling? Does my title mean that all of my bills are paid on time? Does my title mean I didn't have a mental breakdown because all of my life check marks aren't adding up? Nope! Here's the positive in what I associate my 29 year old self to be. I am working on getting my mental health right so I can be the pioneer for women that look up to me. I am providing a service in my words that I call my blog. I am a leader by nature and a powerful force to reckon with. Gentleman, do not forget all of the dynamic influences that you bring to the table.

In a world where we are competing by color, social class, demographic and ancestry; I might as well provide some good source of influence for my fellow Millennial's and Gen-X people. We are all dominating in our own light so lets not forget to tell ourselves that we are great too. Do not forget to show up for your friend when you haven't talked to her or him in a couple of days. I know we are all chasing the money and yes we are suffering in the economy so, Hey! You might not have time for that. Let's not forget we make time for what is important. For all of those that I have fell short on because of my own discovery, know that I am still here rooting for you. Someone told me that I have to start living in my truth.

My name is Kamilah and I:

-struggled to be confident all of my life

-I was an alcoholic mess in College

-OMG, I had to have someone to love me

-OMG, I didn't value me!

-OMG, I had an icebox where my heart used to be


My name is Kamilah and I:

-inspire so many people

-I love hard

-I am sensitive and I like that

-I am quirky

-I am brilliant

-I am a self-starter

-I am an avid learner and teacher

-I am growing into such a beautiful woman

-OMG, this is YEAR 30 and it going to be surprisingly the best year yet

-I am in love with a WOMAN who will wait until I am 100% ME


-Phenomenal woman, THAT'S ME

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