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Power in Words

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Yesterday was date night for my girlfriend and I. We started the night out with me being picked up from work and headed out to Busboys and Poets for a glass of wine. The day before, I attended therapy and part of that session, I discussed my goals for the week. Apart from working on new innovative ideas for improving my brand, I informed my therapist that I was attending a concert the next day. Upon describing the concert, I informed her that I wanted to have a meet and greet with the artist. I didn't physically purchase the meet and greet package but I was optimistic that in some way it would happen.

Weekly Goals

After having our drinks at Busboys, we headed on over to the Wharf to find a restaurant to grab a bite. We walked into three restaurants that just didn't feel right. We kept looking at the menu's while on our hunt and I made a quick decision based on a sign outside of a particular restaurant, Kiwali.

The sign said " ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR" which turned out to be the prize winner in our decision to eat something. As I walked in, I immediately saw who I felt like I already knew. It was Evan Ross just chilling before the show started.

I walked right up and just started talking. I didn't think it through. I honestly was in shock in my head but my actions just remained calm. I started rambling of how yesterday in therapy, I mentioned that I wanted to meet Ashlee and Evan at the show. I absolutely love them as a couple. He mentioned that I smelled good and I gifted one of my packages of Lavender Spells to him and then as he put it on, I thought to just give him another package that would be for his wife. It was a natural embrace of positive energy. My girlfriend reassured that I mentioned to her that I would have loved to meet them. I happened to meet one of the two but it was still appreciated.

We attended the show which was great. Ashlee did a great job at taking us back to the past with all of her renditions of her classics. Ashlee and Evan did such a fantastic job. I met some wonderful people at the bar. It was just an overall positive experience. This will be one date night to remember. All in all, the moral of the story is that aspirations and manifestations start with the thought. As long as you are direct.

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