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Nomad's Land

Feeling displaced is a common feeling that we usually face when trying to find our footing. This past year has left me in a lot of ways unsure of where I am going. I have always been the one to have it together and be in a place to carry my own burdens. When you find yourself outside of the norm, it's quite terrifying. You begin to think that you don't quite fit into any circle and that you're the center if each bad conversation .

The only thing able to get you through it is the control of your OWN thoughts and feelings. This is my first time owning nothing at all. How does a 29 year-old go from having it all made in her eyes to completely nothing. It's called a humbling period. God shakes things up and he does it with good reason. I cannot say that I believe in this every single day but I can say that it comes back to this.

Even if you do not believe in God and you believe in a source of energy (the Universe, etc.); it someday gets shaken up to the point where you have NO control. We as human beings live in a world of control. We live in a male dominated society with a patriarchal view on life. This fucks with our own minds when we hit rock bottom.

The question is : How do you cope?

1. Scream Out Loud (It's Human)

2. Write down where you are and where you ARE going?

3. You have to be sure

4. Stop fearing judgement ( Half of America does not share their dark moments)

5. Share you story ( Become a Storyteller for those too silent to share)

6. Find you a therapist or clinical worker that helps you create goals.

7. Adopt a buddy system. ( Find your group)

8. Get out more ( This is your time to grow)

9. Explore your spiritual realm (healing, meditation, God, Universe, etc)

10. Don't look back ( It's hard to see anything better than where you are when you are down but there is certainly better)

11. Don't question it ( what if's)

12. Love Yourself Over Again

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