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Nanny Kami

I love doing the work for you! What I mean by that is I am here to help you with all the services and chores that you hate doing. I am the " Home Fairy." I will come in your home and help you get things whipped into shape. Most of the time, we wait until the end of the week to get clothes washed and put away or even to tidy our favorite rooms up. For those of you who bring your work home, I know the feeling. I work full time but the difference is that I love cleaning. I enjoy the smell of freshly washed clothing and the look of a room after its vacuumed. I love seeing that everything has a place. I advertise these services for help at the cost of $100 dollars per cleaning. Most of the services offered for cleaning usually cost about $150 to $200 dollars.

Keeping things in place, just helps the day run a little smoother. My job is to declutter your spaces. Coming into a new year, it helps to free up some of that paper clutter, clothing clutter and stuff clutter that we can't quite explain. Being able to offer this service is such a pleasure from me to you. I have friends and family always ask how I manage to keep it all in place. It's simple, really! I hate the feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling overwhelmed by things. It appears that there is a ton of things to get done when things are not in a proper place. For example, Let's take a look at what that might look like.

Now, imagine how it feels to free: This is a life without clutter. Take a look below >

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