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Manifesting Miracle Results

This Weekend, I am setting the tone! I am going to manifest artistic expression and unlimited abundance. I will be visiting the city of Houston and I want to welcome new meetings and memories that are unforgettable. I am bringing peaceful vibes and vibrational energy that will inspire the entire trip. For the last couple of weeks, I have been constantly experiencing small road blacks but I decided that nothing is blocking my energy anymore. To allow for newness to be welcomed in your life, you must eliminate the idea that anything else could happen. I want to let my fashion speak for my personality. I want to engage in meaningful conversation and be inspired by others in my presence. I want to be able to leave my mark before leaving.

I am celebrating a birthday of someone special to me so I want to make sure that time is well spent in friendship and good laughs. When you put great energy in one room then it is bound to bring a shower of blessings into your life. Speak it into existence should be a walk in your talk.

Time with friends is the time to let your hair down. Life is so heavy in its own purpose that you must create the lightness in your own way of living. Manifestation works best when you put a thought into the universe and let the story be written in its rightful purpose. Manifesting newness, greatness or opportunity is the only way that allows a path of self-fulness. The last time I let unexpected part my lips, the unexpected DID happen. I am quite eager to get a weekend away from home. I ENDED my most recent contract position and I feel like a major door is going to open. The contract ended on a Friday which is my favorite day of the week.

I struggle with the thought that things are not quite in the timing that I would like but it's all in God's timing. I believe that opportunities are coming in for me. In the meantime, I choose to write my experience down. I work on business and thinking of new ways to improve my marketing and learning to identify great skills. Spare time doesn't have to mean idle time. I use the time that I have to create the experiences that I want.

In closing, I manifest that my weekend will create a newness for me. I manifest that life surprises me in ways that I could only imagine. I manifest that my BRAND is seen by my representation. Representation is the visual conclusion to what the eye sees. If I present my package with confidence, positivity and growth potential then manifesting full return in inevitable. My weekend has already turned out to be the weekend of my DREAMS. Let's just see what happens.

Wearing My Crown

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