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Minimalist Obsession

Own Your Look, Choices and Likes

Sharing My Wardrobe

I created a separate shop on this site, so that I can share my excess clothing with those that share the same wants for clothing and style. I started looking at blogs and Youtube channels that intrigued my thoughts on living a more simplistic life. Living simple promotes saving, being conscious about the items that we need and not want, redesigning or reinventing a NEW view of life.


Make the items you own more practical but useful. How many times do you wear the items you own?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a Pile of Clothes that you LOVE

  2. Create a pile of Clothes that either don't fit or don't make you feel powerful

  3. Organize the items by categories of which you wear them

  4. Choose colors that flatter you

  5. Compile a collection of only the items that make sense.

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