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Friends with Benefits

Hey Gorgeous,

Now that i‘ve gotten your attention; let’s talk friends with benefits. I know you’re thinking: yeah, yeah; I’ve heard this term before. This time I mean platonic homies that benefit your growth. This means that you want to take a quick look at your growth, no matter how big or small to see what they’re adding to your growth potential and even your potential to them.

This weekend, I had an opportunity to talk, laugh and spend time with some amazing creatives. All of which I call friends. Each person had their own unique qualities, hobbies and investments. Another great thing, I had a opportunity to speak about was spiritual connection. We all are on a journey to purpose and that becomes even clearer with balance.

Amongst the group was those invested in working out, musical influence, building partnerships in business or even being a full time entrepreneur. This is so important when finding purpose; knowing your balance. You don’t have to have it all figured out but as long as what you’re doing each day reflects you then that completes your daily work.

I’ll keep this short by saying never think your hobbies can’t be lucrative. Never doubt your potential in your growth. Always keep a group that encourages and ignites passion.

Until next time Gorgeous 🌻

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