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Finishing Touches

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I absolutely love coming in to a bright and lightly decorated space. It helps with the ease of starting a day or working to get things done while at home. When I design any space, whether it's my own or for others, I think of the personality of the person. My personality is a bit funky so a lot of items that I pick are eye popping to say the least. In the photos included, each of the pieces mesh with one another. I incorporate a peek of pop to combine with the earthy touches. There is always a use for something strange like the hat on the wall. I also like to think about words that cater to whatever you may desire. For myself, love is the overall theme of my life. I desire it and think that love conquers all in some way. Love helps us get through the good and bad times.

A girl can never live without her closet and I incorporated an open concept to having a traditional closet. I am able to see what I have and know what piece I desire to wear. I also practice a minimalist lifestyle so my clothing never exceeds what I really need. Books are also my small passion. I always like choosing titles and building knowledge of my interest. I currently run a partially natural beauty business so it helps to learn what natural remedies are helpful. This statue is prominent in the art. The piece includes a breakdown of how the mind functions by words. Though this is an explanation of my place, it similar to how I look at my clients. You have to have openness to think outside the box.

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