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Finding Your Missing Piece

During this time of experiencing a World Pandemic, there is nothing more important than your happiness. If there is anything that you've once contemplated on getting started; now is the time to try. Fear is often a barrier on our steps but Faith is the protector of those fears. Lately, I have been fearful of making any big changes during a time where things are too uncertain. That's the fear talking. With Faith, anything is possible. I have been talking to friends and family and the most common statement of them all are the feelings associated with being more grateful. If there is anything being taught now, it is the importance of living life fully.

Prior to this pandemic, we were frivolously spending money going out and not spending the time checking in with our family and friends on a consistent basis. Consistency of sending that text or making that call is all it takes these days. I also found that in time that you don't take to make the call and text; a lot has happened. Usually a couple days can allow for many changes to occur. Make sure you're not saying i'll do it tomorrow when it comes to checking on your loved ones.

The second common reality that I've talked to my loved ones about is starting businesses and investing in yourself. I've always been a creative person and yet I let having a job get in the way of creating a life or career path. It's known as a path because it's something that you have to follow. The path is never ending when it comes to happiness. We are creating our lives each day that we are blessed to have air in our body. What does your path involve? Are you following it or stability of having a sure thing. All of my impossibilities will be a possibility because I will it to be. Once you will something into your life, it becomes as is.

I hope this small piece was encouraging to helping you determine whether you are missing anything. If you are missing anything, follow your path. The path is in your heart.

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