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Fear vs. Freedom

Dear Lovelies,

Yesterday, was on of those days for me. I expressed my views of my past and talked through it with my mother but I was struggling with my thoughts. I haven't been to church in about two months and I could really use a message that spoke to me. Though, I understand church is not for everyone; it is possible to hear the message. The message started with if any of us suffer from anxiety and fear. Many hands went up around the room and I for one was suffering with the relief from such feelings.

Pastor Omari Hughes preached that the "awareness of God's love is the barrier of fear." If you celebrate a higher power in general then you can still hear this message. When we face a moment of discomfort or fear, we talk to someone. The Pastor also mentioned that fear is associated with punishment. The Pastor also mentioned that God can correct you without punishing you. The point that I arrive to here is that many times, we punish ourselves. We don't realize that we are worthy of forgiveness. There are many who suffer from addiction, prostitution, infliction of sexuality, shame, abuse, etc.

Now, I am a Lesbian, so I take what I need from attending church. I am not ashamed of who I am but I do carry shame from some circumstances that I have faced and have put on others. The Pastor also expressed that he too wished that he could travel back in time to find some of the people that he wrongly treated. We must understand that we have all traveled through an ugly and distorted place in life. It is the willingness to want to ascend above. Not everyone will understand you walk either. Do not allow others to take the role of God in punishment and do not punish yourself.

The second level of profound messages are:

*Realizing God's love for me

*God is working it out

*God has given us a a sound mind and self control

*Fear causes you to lose control

*Fear is a distressing emotion whether the threat is real or imagined

*Fear loves to loom in the imaginary

*Don't quit

*Use the presence of anxiety to trigger prayer

* Prayer+Petition+Thanksgiving = Peace

* Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself

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