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Excuse Me, I'm Qualified!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The job hunt has become a rat race for those of us looking to qualify for our ideal positions. When working through the position titles included on popular search engines such as Indeed, Monster or even USA JOBS, we contemplate what is the proper verbiage to make you stand out. The population of the United States is a little over 6 billion people.We want to stand out in this number of competitors and with doing so, we assess each of our prior roles. For myself, I have had numerous positions in such fields as Marketing, Property Management, Legal Support, Litigation and Education. On the opposite end, for those assessing our resumes, the question is normally " What is the GRAND common denominator of how this individual has contributed to their previous roles?" How can this candidate be the "perfect fit" for what we need at our company?

I'm would like share what my intro says and it is as follow " I am a avid learner and teacher. I have studied areas of public affairs and communicating solution savvy training. I have been trained in areas of organizational growth and community impact of which all reflect by degree of an MA Organizational Communications. I have research background in scaling productivity and accessing proper employee management resolutions. I have over 10 years in customer service, marketing tools and advertising on a corporate level. Besides sales and marketing, I am skilled in legal task management such as case management, executive support and filing for case proceedings."

My question is " What does my intro say about me?" I am constantly reinventing myself to fit the market and being able to stand out from my competitors. A resume is a written display of what we have done but building a visual portfolio has helped to display my working skills at the moment. After starting my small business in Beauty, I started to develop more interest in social media assessment and analytics that speak to my business mind. When we are looking for positions that are reflective of our skills, we have to pay attention to how those skills are being used continuously. The perfect assessment personnel will always ask to famous questions surrounding your strengths and weaknesses. I spend most of my time looking at interviews and docu-series that help to strengthen my abilities. I am passionate about building but not only for myself. I write to be able to strengthen others as well.

Strengthening Your Candidacy: (Words From One of my favorite TEDTALKS)

1. You want to be in the driver seat of your life or your life will drive you. (Oprah)

2. We build the life that we want and time saves itself.

3. Time will stretch to accommodate what we put in it

My mission in this piece is to inspire those involved in the rat race to keep your momentum and your investment will result in a full return.

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