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Designer FEED

I had an opportunity to celebrate some girl power with a talented Designer friend of mine. Her design name is MCID. This line is sophisticated and celebratory of women of all spaces, color and sizes. The designer is a reflection of her pieces. She is young, fresh and collaborative. She is featured in the photo in the middle. Her charismatic personality is what personally drove me to want to be involved in this project. She is planning on displaying her line for the public pretty soon. I know that all of her pieces will sell out. It's something about building a vision that starts inside your mind and actually seeing it come to flourish. Leah, the designer is a 20 something year old young entrepreneur.


It was quite an experience to work with the group of women who in their own way are all incredible as well. The time and effort that it takes to successfully put a shoot together is definitely shown through the designer and all of the people involved. It was very professional in the setting and the speediness of time with each model. I definitely would find myself being a participant for anything that she ask in the future. The photographer was really transparent and detailed in her craft. I love the idea that all of the participants were women. I commend Ms. Lead, creator of the MCID brand on a job well done.

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