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Clarity Creates Creativity: New Year New Me

The New Year always makes us feel like we can hit the reset button. For those of us looking to take a leap on a potential move, job or even a brand new business venture; we all want some sort of fresh start. When you start fresh, we also think about how to prioritize the needs that are important in ALLOWING CHANGE to happen.

For myself, this year has definitely been an eye opener for self reflection. I am moving out of a period of loss from many areas in my life and entering a period of manifesting. One of the most powerful women, Ms. Oprah Winfrey praises the idea of the law of attraction. This is talked about among many groups and variations of cultures. There is also the well known literary read " The Secret." Both ideas generate the ideals of manifesting your wants based on the way of thinking. For example, before any major exam, we all get a sense of being nervous. We study all of the material needed as best as possible. In most cases, there are some that find themselves readily prepared to do well based on the amount of studying that they have done. Then there is the fear that comes right before the exam. The window between beginning and actually knowing what is right in front of you. Life is the same exact way. We live life and somewhere in between all of the normalcy lives fear of change, fear of taking the next step or fear of allowing that opportunity. The only way to change fear is to change the way you think.

I am a victim of fear for many years. There is something natural about doubting what you are capable of doing. Rather than say you are going to ace the exam; it is easier to process a negative outcome versus positive. Lately, I have adapted the use of friendly tips that remind me why is possible that I WILL WIN.

Winning Begins With the Plan

1. Learn what makes you happy

2. Do the things that make you happy

3. Don't let fear in

4. Prioritize your task

5. Get more active

6. Meet more people

7. Take more chances

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