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When are people's expectations of what you should be doing too much. How can you affectively advocate for yourself without losing relationships? Is setting boundaries creating a stigma associated with being hard to please or even a "Bitch" in society? These questions are so relevant to way in which I transition through the people in my life. I have, in the past, and sometimes even now struggle with setting boundaries. The struggle with setting boundaries is how early you actually set them. This never seemed to be much of an issue until recently realizing that not setting boundaries put you in compromising situations.

An example of what I mean is the boundary of when your time is valuable. I can use my experience as a freelancer. Being freelance and having freedom of time allows others to assume that because you are not bonded by a 9-5 schedule that you are not meeting deadlines. The thing about being freelance is that we set our own guidelines for projects. The less projects being completed, the less money being made. It's the same as working for a corporation but it is just working for yourself. You are the boss, the lead, the employee, the accountant, the HR and the PR all in one.

During a normal day for me, I get up and usually set guidelines of expectations for myself. I wake up at about 7 and think about what my week will consist of. For example, this week, I have a Career Day speaking engagement at a local elementary school, I finished a vending event and later in the week, I have another scheduled event for vending. I want to make sure I am properly planned for each engagement. Each time that I am expected to be involved with a project, I want to maintain consistency so that others are willing to have me again. I have struggled in the past with sticking to the plan but through consistent weekly goals and therapy, I have created a schedule that works. I care very much about my brand and the relationships that I build with people. I have not always been where I am now but I have made efforts towards a positive growth. My growth affects my level of success. Sometimes boundaries don't seem necessary but you must in order to gain the respect of what others think is acceptable to ask for. You are a walking demonstration of whatever your product, business or message may be. I continue to work on that each and every day. Let's not be mistaken that no one is perfect so realize work is necessary.

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